For the last 43 years Delphi has represented hundreds of business and political candidates. Forging partnerships, both in and outside of politics, has been more than just a business; it is the realization of a commitment we have made to ourselves and to the communities in which we have lived. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with a quality of service and leadership that inspire lasting business, political, and perhaps more importantly, lasting personal relationships.

"In the process of studying our political and business interests, we have had several occasions to engage Delphi. In every instance, Delphi has performed to our complete satisfaction. They would be a distinct benefit to any business engaged in land use issues, which requires consultation and guidance."
Lusardi Construction Company
San Marcos, California

"Over the years I have learned to rely upon Delphi in an assortment of public opinion matters. Herb has taught me the value of knowing what a community or neighborhood really feels and how to better communicate with them."
Benchmark Pacific
Carlsbad, California

"Delphi furnished us with clear recommendations for actions based on its conclusive data. We are just completing a record-breaking quarter, while our competitors are struggling."
-- Jerome's Furniture Warehouse
San Diego, California

"It is through your efforts and those of your associates that we have obtained the outstanding results (on the marketing, employee and management survey) which exceeded our expectations."
Palomar Pomerado Hospital District
Escondido, California

"Delphi's successful management of the 'No on B' campaign helped to ensure that we will be able to follow our General Plan, and strive for balance in dealing with growth issues."
West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce
West Sacramento, California

"Your study and focus group greatly enhanced our company's efforts in a variety of projects. Your firm is to be congratulated on its high degree of professionalism."
San Diego, California

"Delphi helped to create one of the most successful efforts ever at developing community consensus and action on affordable housing."
Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
Santa Rosa, California

"The data you developed will be invaluable to area merchants."
Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce
Marysville, California

"Delphi believes in commitment to long-term partnerships with clients and community. To that end, they approach problems with character, they commit themselves to action, and they have the discipline to follow through."
Yardbirds Home Center
Santa Rosa, California

"Our efforts (with Delphi) on a number of projects have been both political and commercial in nature and I find the service outstanding in both areas. Delphi's rapid response, attention to detail, and quality of analytical abilities have greatly helped a number of our projects."
The Gail Stoorza Co.
San Diego, California

"Delphi applies a professional, thorough and efficient approach to public opinion polling."
Citizens for Transportation Solutions
Santa Rosa, California

"Thank you and your associates at Delphi for your outstanding work on the public opinion survey for the proposed 1 cent sales tax increase. The Delphi effort was very thorough, timely and useful. All of the work was done with a high degree of professionalism."
County of Marin
San Rafael, California

"We were very pleased with the results of the survey (conducted by Delphi) but more importantly, we were impressed with the quality of the work performed by your company."
City of Yorba Linda
Yorba Linda, California

"I appreciate the prompt and professional manner in which the survey of 300 registered Dixon voters was handled by your firm. I appreciated your candor in the strategic planning sessions with City Officials. Your firm's approach reflected a good blend of client consciousness and scientific integrity."
City of Dixon
Dixon, California

"The City of Ukiah thanks you and your excellent staff for the outstanding job your firm did in developing, conducting and evaluating our Community Attitudes Survey. Your process, product and analysis are thorough, timely, and professional."
City of Ukiah
Ukiah, California

"Delphi produced a superior product (citywide survey), and you left us with plenty to think about as we formulate future policy of Pasadena."
City of Pasadena
Pasadena, California

"The primary resulted in my being behind 38,000 votes. I hired Delphi and they conducted all the surveys and developed the strategy for the run-off election. I won by 56,000 votes. The survey's accuracy and Delphi's excellent and incisive interpretation and strategy were the primary reason for my successful election."
Kenneth A. Jones, Judge
Superior Court of San Diego, California

"I was extremely pleased with my consultant. He was easy to work with and we were on the same wavelength. He provided excellent service and really understood my reaction to events as they unfolded."
Margie Handley
Mendocino County

"Delphi not only took me to the level where I did not expect to be playing, but you put your reputation on the line by tacitly endorsing me with your management. Thank you for orchestrating a first class experience."
Bruce Codding
Santa Rosa

"You did an outstanding job. I thought it a splendidly orchestrated campaign that you waged."
Gary Giacomini
Marin County

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