Delphi develops innovative methodologies tailored to address each client's issue or challenge at hand. Our methods are designed to solve problems in a timely and profitable manner. We have the tools and resources necessary to assist in media relations management, the crafting of integrated communications design, grass roots recruitment and deployment and crisis management.

The secret to formulating a solution lies in the ability to identify trade-offs. Establishing an unbiased set of data that clearly outlines the issues and all possible outcomes helps you develop tactics for a winning solution. There are always reasonable compromises in any resolution.

Delphi Principle #1: We design our advice to meet your particular need. Whether voter/consumer research is needed, creating a compromise, or determining a political strategy to work with voters/consumers or governmental entities, we have proven methods to solve your problem.

The secret to formulating a solution is to know in advance the political climate of any area and the hidden pitfalls lying in wait that can change a potentially acceptable and profitable project into a financial disaster. You need to know before, not after, potential dangers.

Delphi Principle #2: We can help even when opposition to a project is already established. Let us prepare and review the history of your project. We will develop a political and attitudinal profile of key players and assist in moving your project forward.

The secret to formulating a solution is in understanding the opposition, and to prepare immediate action that will ameliorate the people's concerns. We can identify common ground, and advise you on how to best persuade the opposition.

Delphi Principle #3: We can help you identify the real sentiments of your targeted audience. Often misconceptions lead businesses to compromise before it is necessary and cause politicians to overreact. We can provide the research and political prowess necessary to turn your project into a win for all parties.

The secret to formulating a solution is in determining the actual voter/consumer perception and the reasons for those perceptions.

Delphi Principle #4: We can help you develop a public relations strategy and business posture that guarantees your future success.

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